Prawdziwe Lody ice cream is a product of the highest quality. The secret of the unique taste is the craft method of production and natural ingredients. We create over 200 flavours of ice cream based on proven recipes and strict care for the quality of raw materials imported from trusted sources.
Fresh milk and fresh cream are the basis of our milk ice cream, and in combination with such ingredients as: cocoa from Ghana, Polish sugar, vanilla from Madagascar, Sicilian pistachio and Piedmontese hazelnut, guarantee an unforgettable experience for gourmets.
We pride ourselves on the fact that the content of fruit in our sorbets reaches even 60%. Polish strawberries and raspberries from our own purchase, freshly squeezed juices and 100% exotic fruit pulp, such as mango imported directly from India, or maracuja straight from Brazil, let you find the taste of summer throughout the year.